Monday, 1 July 2013

Drape drape 1 - drop waist gather drape dress

This fabric is a bit unusual. Viscose jersey with a lovely silky feel. The stripe looks like rainy windows and I love it. (particularly the chevron on my back, I didn't realise that would happen. bias bonus!!) I bought it from jacks fabrics in Leeds market. See also previous posts fish based fabric......

It sewed up really easily and gathered well, which was key, see title.

I made the extra large. Yes drape drape says I am extra large. Not stopped me eating copious quantities of minstrels but did concern me for a second or two and I think the jersey and drapery suits and emphasises curves, so I am not sure what they were thinking not doing an English version with English sizes......maybe they will, given time....

I also lengthened the bodice by 3" so that i got a drop waist. I held the paper pattern up to get an idea for that....I left out the zip because this is stretchy.

The tracing of the pattern was the most difficult bit of this. I like tracing a Burda pattern though so I was game. I like to wait till I am home alone, spread the paper out on the lounge floor, put coronation street on and swear like a sailor at the paper and the cat. Plus I secretly like the challenge and the confusion of a missed marking or 2....maybe I need to get out more? Maybe.

I used baking paper to trace it onto and a felt tip to make the lines. (I don't bake, my husband does. I think he secretly likes it when I use the last scraps of that paper and don't tell him. ) I mark the gathers and pleats with pins and snips in the seam lines.

I will make this again because I think it looks quite cool, and it is very easy and comfy to wear. I will do a facing though rather than a hem on the neck, because the back of the neck does flip out a little bit and looks a bit scruffy inside.

I like all the things in the drape drape books, nice to look at, a bit of a learning experience to make and helps with motivation if you are on a diet. now where are those minstrels.....


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