Monday, 20 January 2014

Newlook 6070 dress

The lace version was my new year eve dress....The fit is pretty good isn't it? I lengthened the top and the skirt by 2" each and that is it. Fitted dress with no fitting. I recommend!
The fabric is a jersey with lace bonded to it, so no stretch by nice and smooth. It is from Fabworks in Dewsbury.
I pinked the seams with my Merchant Mills pinking scissors. First time for a pinked seam. Easy! and soooo quick.
The quickness however made me rush, rush for no reason other than being over excited for making stuff. The result of the rushing was this:

Mmmmmm first zip for some time. it would be the last if I thought that this was the best I could do. I should have ripped it out and done it better. Shoulda. Sometimes though I don't think it is a bad thing to leave yourself reminders around the place, this dress will always remind me that I like hand picked lapped zippers better than horribly topstitched ones like this. I will never do a horrid one again. till next time.

Anyway you can barely see the horror when worn, I don't know many other seamstresses to pick fault with me.

I made another one this week in a cheap ponte type thick jersey, no zip. Goes on over my head, I used a zig zag stitch on the waist and a piece of elastic to help it shrink back. It is too big really on the waist, possibly because of the time I will maybe shave a inch from the waist to fit it with less ease. I think despite it looking a bit big that I will wear it a lot, it is comfy enough for working in and looks smartish too.

I didn't interface the waist of either dress, I didn't cut out the waist lining piece either. I didn't see the need, in retrospect interfacing the waist would have reduced the stretch so made it fit smaller on the waist, it would have also emphasised the waist band more which might look nice. I will maybe use some silk organza in the next one. I feel like making it in a wool suiting type for work.




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