Sunday, 9 February 2014

trapeeze dress

This is the replacement for the same dress made a while ago. made a while ago of silk and wool. washed a while ago at 40 and shrunk beyond recognition. I want to believe Aiders when he says he was trying to help, I don't want to believe the real truth that he was doing it to avoid a 'half load'. I didn't get chance to take pictures of the dress and I together, but here she is pre shrink on Jordan the model...

I picked out the non shrunk lining of the shrunk dress. It is superior lining from Truro Fabrics, at £10 a meter I wasn't wasting that! I paired it with this £7 per meter wool and linen mix from Jacks Fabrics on Leeds Market.

It was my first go with checks. I like it, I like myself for taking the time.  I am not sure it is right but I like it! I did it by pinning loads of pins down the selvedge and weighting the fabric down well before cutting anything out. Then I made sure the shoulders of front and back pattern pieces were placed on the same stripe both horizontally and vertically. I think I did it quite well if I say so myself.

I made a belt out of some strips of the material cut on the bias at 90%, and sewn together.

I hung her on Jordan for 48 hours to let the skirt drop at the sides, because it is so flared there is a lot of bias, then I could hem it evenly.

The shape is good for me, easy to fit and good to belt. I don't like it without the belt, which I think is the intended way of wearing. I like the idea of wearing the trapeze shape but it just makes me feel huge. I think it must be being tall, I think not having a defined waist makes me appear closer than I am.

This is going to be worn a lot, maybe to work too. Warm and pretty.

The trapeze dress is from merchant and mills. It was £20 to buy but I will be getting my monies worth, it is sooooo easy to make, it will work in wool, silk, linen and I want to try it with liberty tana lawn for summer.



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