Wednesday, 26 February 2014

vogue very easy jacket - Project Sewn

I think this jacket sums up my style as a seamstress and also what I wanted to get out of sewing when I started, over a year ago now!!!

It is cashmere wool blend coating from fabworks. Lush. and I think it was £12 per meter. I lined it with superior lining from truro fabrics. Lush 2. So it cost about £60 to make. And I feel so expensive when I wear it, I think people are looking at me and saying where did she get that amazing coat, max mara?! That is what I wanted to get out of sewing. I know I spend more on sewing than I ever did on clothes before ..... but I am excited to wear my wardrobe and I wouldn't have got that without spending thousands on the high street.

The other thing that this coat is is perfectly inperfect. which is definitely my sewing style. The liberty bias binding, yep, like a millionaire, is uneven widths because I was learning to put it on as I put it on.

The lining, though better than my last attempt, is still not right, I should have left the shoulders unsewn and used the lining to face the seams. I am still learning at this!

And I am too lazy to add buttons.

I want to make many more versions of this and I think next winter I will make the version of this with a hood, in red wool, and maybe the collarless version in a posh fake fur...I love a bit of fake fur. I love that as I was sewing I was creating new ideas in my head.


The shape is soooo perfect, skinny dress, massive coat. Love it, loved sewing it!

The hat is for my auntie. The trilby shape is my favourite, on me anyway. I like a beret on other people! Hats are where I started sewing, I took an Easter class a couple of years ago.



  1. The coat looks great! And I love the color and the Liberty bias. It looks like Max Mara, definitely. :)