Sunday, 9 February 2014

Explosion Galaxy Dress!

This is my galaxy print dress! It is from Burda 01/13 dress number 102. I added a belt because I like that I do.

 I am wearing this a lot, with my leather jacket.

It matches my new hat too....bonus! I go to a millinery class at Leeds college of art, which I LOVE.
This is one of my makes, orchid coloured wool felt with some trimmings of the trapeze dress to decorate.

The fabric is from Stone Fabrics...I think they still have it....

it is polyester, and doesn't pretend not to be, but without sleeves it isn't going to be too sweaty.

The pattern calls for lining not facings, which works better for me, no interfaced faces popping out! The pattern is just 3 pieces and very easy to put together. no zip in the ponte. excellent news.

If I make it in a woven I will add a vent to help me walk, this only works without because it is stretchy. I quite often find with Burda magazine that they avoid a walking vent. not sure if it is only me that finds it a bit restrictive!
The dress without the belt is nice too, it looks better in the pictures than it feels in real life. I like a belt to give me a waist.

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  1. Fab!