Sunday, 23 June 2013


I have a girl crush on Elisalex, the pattern not the person, never met the person, although I would probably have a crush on her too if I did, she looks hot on her blog...any how's

The pattern is pretty, the instructions are cute, the results make me feel damned sexy, even though I mainly just wear them to the market.....grrrr....

Again, the shoulder is very droopy, how have I got by for so many years not knowing of the droopy shoulder? 

Anyway the skirt you may note is not the original skirt, half circle was done by some other bloggers, my lurking lead me to think that the half circle would be best on the drapey fabric. The bodice fit straight out of the box, I cut the 16 for the busters and graded it to a 12 at the waist (maybe I went to far looking at the wrinkles in the pictures, it feels snug, but in a good way, like it is holding all the stuff in nice and tight.)

Can we talk about the fabric? The turquoise is ponte from truro fabrics, it is great, no bobbles and I do wear and wash it often, and the colour is perfect, no? Service is great there too I use their lining which seems good if a bit pricey.
......and then there was the liberty fabric....the story goes something like....hmm I have a sewing machine, wouldn't it be nice if I made some Christmas pressies for my nearest and dearest, liberty scarves and ties from the purl bees blog (yes I am a lurker, I did say I think). then step 2 was the purchase of liberty fabric, in stepped (CLICK AT YOUR WALLETS PERIL)  and maybe a couple of extra meters of Denise Eva made it accidentally into the shopping basket. oops I thought when she arrived, maybe I should send her back. what? they don't do returns once cut? I have to use her all selfishly? in a selfish half circle Elisalex? sometimes life conspires against me I swear.
Behold the Party Frock!! check out her drape. check our her tiny curvaceous waist.  check out her winter floral on trend (I live in Yorkshire it is still winter till August). Crush!







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